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Does your financial institution need a CoPilot?

Simple – Solid – Superior. Download credit reports, generate disclosures or add accounts to the core processing system – with just one click. CoPilot is a compliance-oriented loan and deposit account origination system with a user-friendly interface putting you in control. Capable of interfacing with many third party systems, it has an intelligent data collection process to gather the least amount of data required by institutional policies, then it automatically generates the appropriate documents for a new account. With digital authentication and automatic integration with BankManager® or your document imaging system, completing new loan or deposit account transactions is quick and effortless. And, CoPilot is there when you need it – backed up by 24/7 in-person customer care support.

Now, that’s the CoPilot you want on your side while facing ever-changing compliance rules and regulations.

CoPilot has been serving financial institutions for over ten years. In 2016, Digital Banking Solutions, LLC acquired the software and is propelling the CoPilot system into the future.

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CoPilot At a Glance


CoPilot cuts down on manual workloads, human error and simplifies user training - increasing overall efficiency- by interfacing seamlessly with other systems.

Centralized Lending Capability

Implement centralized lending through user security allowing lending personnel to start the loan workflow and save the information for retrieval by a central office for completion.

Custom Reporting Capability

Create custom reporting from the CoPilot Database utilizing Crystal Reports to generate reports such as accounts pending decisions, accounts pending appraisals, etc.

Customer Care

CoPilot gives you fast access to our expert customer care support team 24/7. Our team is always available to take your calls and answer any questions you may have about CoPilot.

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