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Meet Your CoPilot

CoPilot is designed with financial institutions in mind. The current industry-tested and approved version of CoPilot has been serving financial institutions for more than ten years. In March 2016, Digital Banking Solutions, LLC acquired the software along with its client roster of financial institutions in 11 states. Today, CoPilot is under the stewardship of industry veteran James W. Bruce and his team.

Our team visited with each CoPilot client, and all responded with rave reviews and enthusiasm for the continuation of the CoPilot system. We are ready to lead CoPilot into the future.

CoPilot uses trusted electronic forms from business partners such as Wolters Kluwer Financial Services, American Bank Systems and Ascensus. Updates of the forms for compliance with regulatory changes provided by these companies are incorporated into CoPilot and delivered to your institution by DBS.

Please contact us any time with questions, to request a free demo, or simply to learn more about CoPilot and the accomplished team behind it.