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CoPilot is the Total Loan & Deposit Origination Software Package

Simple to use – solid design – superior service.

CoPilot is everything you want in a banking platform. It is the premier loan and deposit account origination system that goes way beyond the requirements for a typical loan and deposit account origination system meeting your institutional needs and saving you money in the process.

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Superior Lending & Compliance Platform

CoPilot has you covered.

CoPilot is a sophisticated loan & deposit origination platform that improves efficiency, accuracy and compliance. It saves time and money by cutting down on manual input and the possibility of human error; and unlike other systems, it handles complicated real estate loans covered by the TRID regulations.

CoPilot streamlines your processes securely and efficiently giving you the ability to assign certain security rights to specific users from different departments, which can restrict which tasks they are allowed to perform. An account tracking feature lets users monitor when accounts are ready for them to perform their designated task for that account.

24/7 Customer Support

Take your financial institution to the next level.

Our clients’ success is our number one goal, and that’s why CoPilot comes with superior customer care 24/7. You can utilize CoPilot’s interactive support features, connecting with a support expert online who remotely accesses your computer for easy, effective assistance. Or, you can access support by phone all day, every day. We also offer a full schedule of trainings and webinars, as well as consulting services to empower your team to take your financial institution to the next level.

Control Compliance Risk

Quickly and effortlessly.

Make compliance easier on your employees and compliance officers, and be ready at any time for examiners. CoPilot utilizes a compliant forms determination engine to produce the documentation needed to meet state and federal compliance rules for all deposit and loan accounts.

CoPilot’s user friendly interface allows users to point and click to complete tasks such as downloading credit reports, generating disclosures or adding the account to the core processing system. It allows users to easily see which steps have been completed and which steps still need to be done or are in the process of being done. CoPilot automatically generates the appropriate documents needed for a new account based on the information collected, removing all guess work for the user. Add in Copilot’s digital authentication and automatic interfacing with the document imaging system and you will find completing new account transactions becomes quick and effortless.

Easy to Use

Your IT department will love CoPilot when they see how quick and easy the installation is.

CoPilot features an intuitive interface that gives the user step-by-step control. It simplifies document origination, is scalable and secure, is easy to install and is updated automatically by our team when regulations and/or operating requirements change. In short, it is everything you want in a flexible, reliable platform. CoPilot interfaces with many third party vendors.  Contact us for an updated list of available integrations.