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CoPilot’s Lending & Compliance Software Soars Above the Rest

The design and programming of CoPilot addresses any demands a financial institution may have for its system. CoPilot improves efficiency, accuracy and compliance, using an intelligent data collection process to gather only the data that is required – no more, no less.

Secure & Flexible

CoPilot interfaces with many host systems allowing for real-time customer information retrieval and adding of new loan and deposit accounts. It is designed to eliminate duplicate entry, providing efficiency and accuracy. Contact us for an updated list of available integrations.

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Host Independent

CoPilot interfaces with many host systems allowing for real-time customer information retrieval and adding of new accounts. It is designed to eliminate duplicate entry, providing efficiency and accuracy. CoPilot currently interfaces with many third party hosts.  Contact us for an updated list of available integrations.

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Multi-Faceted Interfacing

In addition to host interfacing, CoPilot can interface with other systems that perform credit reports, identity verification and OFAC checks, check order, flood and document imaging. This facilitates integrated systems that reduce manual workloads, eliminate errors and simplify user training thereby increasing overall operational efficiency.

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Management Policy Enforcement

Most institutions verify management policy enforcement manually after the fact. CoPilot allows management policies to be added to calculations, data input and custom decisioning criteria. Management policies are then enforced as the transaction occurs. Policies can be as simple or complex as the institution desires.

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Process Manager

CoPilot’s Process Manager can be customized by our technical support experts to present a workflow order that mirrors the client’s needs and incorporates additional processes as needed. For example, the bank may use the Black Book website to run valuations on vehicle loans. This can be added as a custom process that would become available when a vehicle is used as collateral. This would ensure nothing is overlooked and would eliminate the need for the user to have to visit the website manually. CoPilot’s Process Manager allows users to control the order in which specific processes are completed.

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Credit Scoring/Decisioning

CoPilot provides the capability to score automatically and to approve loans based on the institution’s own scoring criteria. CoPilot’s credit scoring module will automatically approve, deny, or send a loan to a central location for review and approval. The credit scoring/decisioning module can be customized to be as simple or as complex as the institution requires. Use CoPilot’s application system to document applications for credit approval thereby adding to your file documentation – an approach which satisfies regulatory requirements.

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Centralized Lending Capability

Centralized lending can be implemented through user security to allow lending personnel to start the loan workflow and save the information for retrieval by a central office for completion.  Later, lending personnel can print the documents required to finalize the transaction with the customer.  This allows for consistency and control wherein the processing can be maintained by a central office.

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Custom Reporting Capability

CoPilot provides the ability to prepare custom reports from the CoPilot Database utilizing Crystal Reports to generate reports such as accounts pending decisions, accounts pending appraisals, etc.

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Designed To Meet Future Needs

The potential utilization of CoPilot is limited only by the creativity of your banking and IT personnel in recognizing and defining opportunities where CoPilot can automate or improve a process within the institution to increase reliability and productivity in every area of the institution.

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System Highlights

  • Easy To Install And To Use
  • Minimal Hardware Requirements
  • Process Manager Permits Managing The Loan/Deposit Documentation Process
  • eSignature
  • Unified Screen Layout For Loans/Deposits Makes Training And Usage Simpler
  • Management Controls For Policy
  • Credit Decision Making Is Enhanced
  • Centralized Or Decentralized Lending Processes
  • Custom Reports
  • Built-In Calculation Module
  • Customized Transaction Workflow
  • Designed To Meet Future Needs

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